Wednesday, September 29, 2010

AB - Our Coworker

AB is a coworker of ours. AB is an old fogey and doesn't play nicely with Excel, Lotus Notes, or really anything invented after the abacus. To compensate, he spends a large part of his day making fun of me. I'm constantly giving him ammo, so it doesn't take a whole lot of ingenuity on his part. He is the author of such lines as "Nick, I think you're the only one in this place that doesn't see sucker written on your forehead." He has also nicknamed me "Crash" for having two bike accidents in one week.

Anyway, he's been giving Danny and I a lot of shit lately for our trip. He has taken to calling us Harry and Lloyd - a reference to Dumb and Dumber. I guess we can thank him for that since it's now in the url for our blog. Yesterday I shared with him that Charlie is joining us on our epic voyage. His response was "I used to think Charlie was more intelligent than that. You and Danny I understand, but I really thought Charlie was smarter than that." Charlie, I'm not sure if you should take that as a compliment or not. He also promised to pony up $12 to bail us out of a Cambodian prison should we need it. But only if that's for all 3 of us. We're not worth $12 each.

1 comment:

  1. Now he'll be calling you Moe, Larry, and Curly!

    You should probably start lining up people to produce a movie of this undoubtedly epic adventure.