Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Wow, am I really writing on a blog?  I never thought this would happen.  So why did we start the Psuedo Mid Mid Life Crisis blog.  We're doing this to document our upcoming trip to Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos and also to share our journey along the way.  Our plan is to fly into Phnom Phen on November 24th, 2010 and then.....   

Actually, we don't have plans.  The beauty of this trip (besides Charlies muscles and Nicks smile) is that it is completely open ended.  We really do not have any plans besides our one way plane ticket to Phnom Phen, Cambodia and our main source of travel, which is going to be by motorcycle.  That is right, motorcycle.  Do we know how to drive a motorcycle?  As of three weeks ago, the answer would be no for all of us.  Nick has since gotten his motorcycle license and is cruising around on a 250 cc that he randomly bought on Craigslist two weeks ago.  My license will be coming in about a week and Charlies will be in two weeks.  So we're doing our best to get prepared.

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