Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 13: Mui Ne to De Lat (continued)

Yesterday was amazing. We traveled over 100 miles from Mui Ne to De Lat today on our mopeds. If you look at a map, we took the most direct route, winding through the mountains and the jungle on a poorly maintained road from Soung Luy to Phi Nom. The road varied between pavement and dirt, and was pretty much impassable for four wheeled vehicles. Bend after bend opened up to majestic views, each more impressive than the previous.

It's hard to due the area justice with a few pictures, so we'll try and upload some video.

Interesting things that happened yesterday:
  • Went jogging on the beach at Mui Ne in the morning and helped some old fishermen pull their boat out of the surf. Snaggletooth grins followed.
  • Were escorted through the mountains south of Phi Nom by two Vietnamese men on a moped.
  • Navigated through numerous puddles, mud pits, and breaks in the pavement.
  • Had awesome Pho Boc and coffee in Phi Nom. (Pictured below with the coffee shots.) The coffee was grown just south of town. We drove by a number of orchards and bean drying operations.

  • Saw a Vietnamese man fall off his motorcycle in Phi Nom, just as he was starting out. Not sure what happened, but he did a cartwheel and landed on his head. No helmet. He was still dazed after we drove away.

Here is a brief video of the drive.

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