Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 18: Siagon

We hit the city today and accomplished the few things we didn't get done last week.  The "bikes" have been returned and we all somehow survived the driving without any injuries. 

As of now, Charlie and Nick are at the airport and I'm all alone in Saigon.  You'd think I'd be happy to get away from them by now, but that isn't the case at all.  It's not much fun here without them.

I guess the trip is pretty much over. 


(some new posts below and there will hopefully be some more when we get back to the states)


  1. How long until *you* fly out of there? I just told Annie that by the time you get back you're going to be darker than me! It seemed like the sun was out every day of your trip, so you all definitely got your vitamin D! Anyway, take care of yourself. Guess we won't see any documentation of the last leg of *your* trip! lol Miss you, man!

  2. I'm a bit sad that I'll no longer have the luxury of reading about all your adventures and living vicariously through your blog. But I guess the trade-off isn't so bad :)