Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 15: lunch (continuation of Nicks previous post)

We stopped in a small town to get some lunch before we headed to Cat Tien National Park.  Finding places to eat in these towns is rediculously difficult.  No restaurant signs, people dressed up as hamburgers trying to get you to come in or drive throughs.  So after a couple stops, we ended up sitting in front of a place that looked like a store.

After trying to communicate to the people, they ended up bring us eight warm beers and some ice.  They were definitely great to have, but we were starving.  So I got out the guidebook and rambled some Vietnamese to them and eventually got them to understand that we wanted some food.  So the four older people there talked for a bit and next thing we knew, one of them grabbed her bike and biked down the road.

Ten minutes later, she came back with two kinds of soup, three chicken legs, some delicious pork, and some steamed veggies (not to gloat, but I mentioned all of these things to the lady in Vietnamese, among many others).  All in all, the meal was just ok, but the service was exceptional.  Here is a pick of a couple of our amazing hosts.

And here is a couple picks of some of the men across the street who wouldn't stop staring at us (we had this happen everywhere we went)

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