Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 12: Mui Ne

Some highlights of today (in addition to Charlies post):
  • Finally had our first illness today, Nick was slowed down for a bit, but he's recovered already.
  • The beach here is spectacular.
  • Charlie and I got some good windsurfing in.
  • The Russians have taken over Vietnam (at least this part of it). This town is 95% Russian tourists. All the signs are in Russian, menus have Russion, etc. The front desk at our 4 star resort even has Moscow time on its clock.
  • What do three grown men do when its 7 pm and they don't have anything to do? We go and get a massage of course. Charlie decided to bargain with the lady so we all got manicures and pedicures in addition to our $19 massage! My nails have never looked better. (I'm being serious; Nick opted out of the manicure)
  • Nick hasn't been the same ever since his pedicure.
We're headed for a coastal ride today, then up into the Central Highlands to a city named Dalat.

(Kudos to my sister Michelle and brother in law Kenny, it sounds like my puppy Grace is raising hell back in Seattle. I can't wait to deal with all of her bad habits when I return.)


  1. You got a mani and pedi? My friend in Cali would be so jealous!

  2. Where are the windsurfing pictures?!? I want to see those!

  3. Ken luvs manis and pedis, too!

    Grace's adventures update: we had my work holiday party in Seattle last night so we had to decide what to do with Grace. When we know we're going to be home late, we usually just leave our dogs outside in our big backyard. Grace is a dog. She should be able to handle it!

    I was the first to arrive home. I opened the door and there is Grace wagging her tail at me and giving me a face like "finally! you're home!" I'm thinking to myself, "what the..". And then it dawns on me: she crawled in through the (small) cat door through the Pilates studio and then through the second (and small) cat door into the laundry room. Surveying the damage, I found muddy paw prints all over my studio. Those prints first led to our cats food dish as supported by the missing food. The then led into the laundry room. No poop or pee messes in the house because she clearly took a nice long nap to drive off and warm-up in our spare bedroom's bed. Note, on the nice and clean bed that was once an all white bedspread and sheets. It looked like the bed had been made for her. I'm going to start calling her "Gracilocks".