Sunday, December 5, 2010

Farewell Cambodia

Some last pictures from and thoughts on Cambodia:


All the people we met in Cambodia were incredibly genuine and welcoming. There was no hint of distrust towards strangers.


Driving in Cambodia is crazy. People, bicycles, animals, cars, trucks, motorcycles, and all sorts of other objects constantly enter and exit the road way. People, vehicles, and animals regularly park themselves in the middle of the road. (Grain is dried in the road, but towards the side.) Tour buses pass anything and everything at will - and at high speeds. We were all forced off of the road by tour buses passing other vehicles and barreling straight at us.

Below is a typical scene in the country side.

Carts drawn by water buffalo were always cool to see.


Cambodia has gorgeous sunsets. However, the smell of smoke permeates the day in Cambodia. Trash is burned in the morning and evening. Also, slash and burn agriculture is still employed to clear fields for planting. The consequence is that Cambodia smells like it's burning.

Temples and Load Speakers

I have some unanswered questions about how the monks living in the many temples throughout Cambodia subsist and what was being broadcast through PA systems in many of the rural towns we passed through.

Scenes from a temple located outside of Battambang.


There are plenty of monkeys in Cambodia, but the lady at the travel clinic scared the piss out of me when she described getting bit by a rabid monkey. The pictures below were taken with a zoom.

Khmer Rouge

It is difficult to comprehend the scars and set backs caused by the Khmer Rouge. Mass graves exist all over Cambodia. The photo below is of a cave outside of Battambang used by the Khmer Rouge as a mass grave. Not pictured are numerous bone piles and murals depicting the execution methods used.



  1. There used to be this show on the travel channel called Lonely Planet where some lone traveler went to different places and experienced everything and reported back on what to do and what not to do, where to go and where not to go, etc. I feel like this is Lonely Planet all over again you three sharing in your travels. I love it!

  2. PS: Good idea not getting too close to the monkey!

  3. now there are memories of the canbodia i know and love. sounds like it hasn't changed a bit. what a beautiful place! the only thing i did not see mentioned was the blood bank, and if you guys didn't give blood while you were there, you are really missing out. not only do you get a free t-shirt with a huge smiley face cartoon drop of blood on it (After they drain you practically dry), but you also are offered a complimentary coca cola. sold! why i did that, i do not know, but you know, once in a lifetime.