Tuesday, October 5, 2010

First Ride

I survived my first ride last night. I went home after work, got dressed, put on some Bruce Springsteen for inspiration, and headed off to Nick's apt.

Getting the bike going was a little difficult, but all in all, once I got moving I felt pretty comfortable right away. I decided to take things a little easy and start slow by driving from Cap Hill, through downtown, then off to West Seattle, all at night. Everything went pretty well and I accomplished several things, including:

Running my first red light, performing multiple California Stops, first illegal turn, going the wrong direction on a one way street (on purpose), having my first "oh shit" moment (seeing construction zones can be difficult), first hand wave to a fellow motorcyclist, first compliment on the Nighthawk, first major maneuver around a obstacle at a high rate of speed, and first time going 10mph + over the speed limit.

It was a good trip. All in all, I might be hooked and I now understand why Nick is always so giddy after his rides.

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