Sunday, October 3, 2010

Let the riding begin

After two really long days, I passed the written and field motorcycle tests today.  Scored a 96 on the written and a 89 on the field.  My original plan was to grab the Nighthawk and go for a ride, but I'm too damn tired.

Just to limit Nicks posting material, he scored a 100 on both tests.  Which translates into a score of 10 for us actuaries.  I think my score is around a 7 or a high 6.  Either way, this once again proves that he is more of a man than me.  Even with at J. Timberlake shirt on.....


  1. Congratulations, Danny! I'm so proud of you :). When do I get to go for a ride?

  2. You're welcome to go for a ride...after you get your license. Or give me a few weeks to trust myself on this thing.