Saturday, October 2, 2010

Riding a motorcycle is pretty tiring....

Day 1 of my motorcycle course is officially over.  No crashes, but I did kill the engine about four times.  Overall, my body is really tired.  Sitting on a bike for that long is much more difficult than I imagined!

On a different note, I finally found a mexican restaurant in Seattle that I actually like.  I wandered into this place during the lunch break.  It sat on a stretch of road that was dominated by "adult" stores, so naturally, I decided to eat there.  I went in, went to the counter, and quickly realized that no one there spoke english.  Better yet, I was the only gringo in the place.  I threw out some rusty spanish and ended up with a delicious lunch.  I'm definitely headed back there tomorrow.


  1. What's the place called and where is it? If you're going to show the love, provide the info!

  2. Something Del Rio, its in White Center, next to all the porn shops. I'll take you there sometime.