Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 5 - Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, etc.

I'm paying 10 cents to use this computer for 15 minutes, so I need to be quick.  We're in Siam Reap and headed to the temples today.  I'm super excited to experience these ancient monuments and historical sites.  Especially interested in experiencing the tranquility the our guidebooks keep talking about.  We're renting a tuk tuk for the day ($15 w/ driver).  We only have one day to check out the sites around here, which is not nearly enough time, so we'll hopefully get as much in as possible.

After the temples, I'm hoping to get in one of these massages that all Westerners dream about.  (Keep the comments to yourself Ken)  Don't worry, Í'm going to one of the places in the guidebooks, so there definitely will not be any funny business.  Just a good massage to get rid of some of the knots that developed on our ride last night.  If time allows it, I'll also try to check out this town a bit.

We're staying at a great guesthouse.  People are really friendly.  I've developed a strong appreciation for Angkor Beer.  Cambodia is an amazing place.


  1. We want more pics and video!

    And enjoy that massage... too bad it's not the kind that comes with mac'n'cheese... or at least, I'm assuming it's not :)

    Speaking of, I wanna see pictures of all the unfamiliar things you guys are eating lately.

  2. Dina and I are enjoying the blog. Keep having a super time!

  3.'re killing me!...and this trip is only just beginning...Anyway, I second what Elisabeth says regarding more pics and video!

  4. Don't worry, Wisconsin beat Northwestern 70-23, just sayin'.

    Hope things continue to go well on the trip!

  5. Assuming it's costing you less than a cent to read this, I'll make it long.

    Oh boy - you're going to arrive back at work with a bunch of new voicemails from Ken re: massages.

    Day 4 with Grace: she escaped her crate while Mom and I were shopping and Ken was working. Ken arrived to the mess that an 80 lb. puppy left home alone without any crate to contain her creates. 1) She got into the garbage cans of both bathrooms. 2) She clearly took a nap on our bed. 3) She peed in the spare bedroom hallway. 4) She chewed up the charger to Ken's order computer. So there's no way to keep the device charged right now (also required to send in all of the orders for the next day). 5) She destroyed the dog bowls (chewed into pieces). 6) We went to bed last night at 1AM. She woke up at 5AM. 7) We finally just let her sleep with us so she'd stop running around the house wackin' her tail against all of the walls. I'm now sporting a bright red scratch on my cheek. Guess we need a king bed for our niece! 8) Ken says that Grace's tail ruptured his left testicle. Every day there's a "Grace's tail just whacked my balls!" comment from him.

    Mom didn't think that Ken and I should share this with you. We both thought you'd get a kick out of it.

    Go Seahawks!

  6. lmaof...Okay, I don't know what's more fun, living your adventure with/thru you or Michelle's posts about Gracie's adventures! I'm sure my neighbors are wondering what I'm laughing about so loudly...whew! lol