Friday, November 26, 2010

Days 1,2,3 - Long flight, Phnom Phen, amazing hosts, thrill ride

So much to say, with so little time to say it.  First off, hello (herro), we're all safe and doing well.   So to summarize some highlights so far:

  • Asiana airlines contemplated not sending us out of Seattle b/c we didn't have a return flight home.
  • Nicks friend's family gave us the most incredible first day of a trip ever.  
  • Charlie managed to go to the restroom in the women's room and ask for directions at a brothel, all on the same day.
  • Our one checked bag of luggage did not arrive in Phnom Phen.
  • Cambodian people are incredibly nice.
  • Motorcycle ride through Phnom Phen during rush our traffic gave all of us a thrill of a lifetime.  Driving here is definitely different. (will try to post a video)
  • I ate, frogs legs, fried duck tongue, and snail.  All in the same meal. (going to try to eat fried tarantulas today.)
  • Rental place instructed us to not stop for the Police if they try to stop us and to flee the scene of any accident, no matter what happened.  (They target westerners and blame them for any accidents, no matter what happened..  We all feel very comfortable on the bikes.)
  • It is humid here.


  1. Herro yourselves! So glad to see you guys arrived on the other side of the world intact, you all still have your original limbs attached to your bodies, and the helmet cams are working well.

    I want an update on those fried tarantulas... that's disgusting. But at least it's not fish :)

  2. Stay out of those brothels! I don't think that gave you enough vaccines for those. Love the videos!! Keep 'em coming. What was in the luggage that didn't arrive? Obviously not the helmet cam or your jackets.

    Danny - Night 3 with Grace: she woke up at 6AM when Lina left the room. She chewed on and swallowed a ball for 30 mins until Ken invited her on the bed with us. She then proceeded to puke up the ball with Ken running around the room (and stepping in the mess). I giggled for about 15 mins afterwards. Off to shop the Thanksgiving sales with Mom.

  3. Comment from Ken: DUUUUUUUUUck!!

  4. Whew! Okay, now that I know you guys made it there okay, I can breathe! I feel like we're on the adventure with you! This is fun! I just figured out how to post a comment the other day. (Hey, I still have vinyl, what do you expect!)Now I need to show Mom! We're glad you're all doing well!