Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 6 in Pictures

Below are my pictures from Day 6. All and all a pretty epic day.

Filling up

Starting the day with a little Johnnie Walker in the gas tank (bottle was used to store gas).

Success, then Failure

We made it through our first water crossing without damaging the bikes, but had to turn around a few minutes later. See Nick's post.

The Open Road

Danny and Nick exiting a dust cloud kicked up by a passing car.

Filling up again

It's about 4:30pm, we're in Samraong and have a long way to Sisophon.

Bike and Rider

Nick: After traveling on dirt roads, in blistering heat, for about 5 hours with no face mask. We had 7 hours to go.



Tractor Trailer and Farmer

The vehicle pictured below is a common sight. Hopefully I can convince a local to let me try and operate one. The controls are significantly different from any vehicle I have seen.

Action Shots

Action shots of Danny and Nick, courtesy of me.

Nick tearing it up.

Rice Paddies

Danny and Nick...

My bike...

Looking East...

3rd Water Crossing

We had to make our 3rd water crossing of the day. Sun is setting in the background.

On the left a tractor got stuck. Maybe I could have freed it if they let me take the controls.

Danny went first, with Nick's assistance.


But, it's getting dark. (In the photo Nick is about to cross the washout. He had no problem.) We had 3 more hours of travel on somewhat treacherous dirt roads, in the dark.

The Roach Den

After traveling in the dark for 3 hours, we reached our accommodations for the night: The Roach Den. (Hopefully I don't get sued for slander.) Thank god I brought a mosquito net. Nick showed off his duck tape around the foot of the bed trick from his slum tenant days.


This is what you look like after riding a motorcycle through NW Cambodia for 12+ hours.


  1. SO glad to see all these amazing pictures, guys! That sunset is absolutely stunning. My favorite has got to be the one of you boys all dusty though. That is some dedication to true adventure right there. Not to mention, what girl doesn't love a picture of three sexy men in motorcycle garb?

    I'm also so fascinated by all the temples! Can you go inside them too? Can you get lost in the darkness? What were they built for in the first place? I would have LOVED to climb around on them... definitely a new addition to my bucket list.

    Continue to keep us updated!

  2. What the hell kind of tank top was Danny wearing? I'm talking about that light grey skin tight one...might even compete with his purple turtleneck that doesn't come off on ski trips!

    Beautiful pics!! I agree with Elizabeth: that dirty/dusty photo of the three of you is a keeper!

  3. danny, i have a t-shirt that is an almost identical but smaller (if that is possible) version of the gray cambodia tanktop you are wearing. because i am a sucker for the angkor wat hawkers too. i also bought the set of wooden bracelets that the girls sell, but hopefully you resisted that temptation! or not. i still believe it was an excellent purchase that assuaged my guilt at saying, "no thanks" nonstop. well done!