Friday, November 26, 2010

Organized chaos

We rented our bikes a few hours ago and decided to try the bikes and our riding skills out in evening rush hour traffic. Organized chaos is really the only way to describe the traffic in Phnom Penh. Rules like riding on the right side of the road and staying in lanes are loosely - if at all - followed. After we set out on the bikes, we quickly discovered that riding together was not an option. So the plan was to meet back at the hotel by 6:00 pm. So far Danny and I have made it back to the hotel safely. We know Charlie is still alive because our contacts in Phnom Penh (Sopagna's family) drove by him a few minutes ago. They said he was driving cautiously and looked very out of place. While his riding skills are up to snuff, it appears his navigation skills are lacking. Thus, we have a few minutes to kill while we wait for Charles to find his way back. We'll post more later and hopefully get the first helmet cam video up for your viewing pleasure.


  1. Sounds like fun!

    Danny - Grace has shown how urban dogs just poop on the deck and that there's no need to travel down the stairs to the lawn. The three other dogs here think she's a genius and are following suit.

  2. Hey Nick, this is Mike. Found this on your fb profile. Looks like you are still alive and enjoying the trip in Cambodia. Did you get my fb message? Got an idea if and when you will be in HCMC? Let me know