Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 5: Angkor Wat Temples

Wow, what an amazing place.  We rented a tuk tuk and he tuk tuked us around for the day from temple to temple.  Its really hard to describe what Angkor Wat is like.  Literally a series of temples and other ancient ruins in various conditions. 

I'm not sure where I read about the tranquility of this place because it wasn't that way at all.  With all the tourism, naturally, there are many locals trying to sell cheap goods.  With every temple we saw, we had 50 young girls asking us to buy guidebooks, postcards, etc.  Most were pretty friendly and generally were not very pushy, but it was a little much.

Coincidentally, I think we all thought that Ta Keo and .........(I can't think of the name) were the best.  These two also happened to be the two that we could climb all over the most.  I'm guessing that had something to do with it.  Here is are a couple pics of the two temples:

We also got a massage later that night, hit the old town of Siam Reap, ate at a food stand where the electricy kept going off.  This caused me to unexpectanly eat a hot pepper that was hotter than hot.  We also walked to the night market.  On the way, we were all solicited to see if we'd like to participate in some lewd acts.  I think the best was when Charlie was asked if he'd like to get with a girly boy.  I think this made Charlie blush a bit...

On a side note, one crazy and definitely expected thing about this place is the women here are going crazy over Nick.  They all comment on how he has a great nose and some even chase after him!  I was fortunate to capture this at Angkor Wat.


  1. And the journey continues! The *animal* obstacles...they weren't really too willing to move, were they? lol I have to say you boys are looking good. As my friend in Cali would say, "Represent!" I request a pic of you all at the end of a day when you're tired and wrecked from travel and crashes and tarantula know, just to keep it real! lol I loved the pic of Nick being chased by the little girl. He's got some pretty young fans! Carry on!

  2. PS: By the way, I'm really done! I was pulled in a 3rd time last week, and you know what they say-3rd time's a charm! It had all been a game, a setup, and I fell for it, for 3 months! I have to laugh! You'll be happy to know tho, there are no more tears, and I'm walking around with my head held high! I replay your advice in my head all the time, D. What *black* shadow? I see nothing!

  3. So you're saying tall, thin guys with big blue eyes aren't a dime a dozen over there? At least now the truth comes out about Nick's true motivations for taking this trip. Those ladies look a little young but adoration is adoration I suppose. Now he knows how Justin Bieber feels. :0)